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Welcome to the Brown & Donaldson (B&D) online brokerage Web site - the case study featured in The Web Testing Handbook by Steven Splaine & Stefan P. Jaskiel and the SQE Web testing training seminars.

B&D is a fictitious online brokerage firm created with the specific purpose of providing you with the opportunity to practice the Web testing techniques discussed in the book and training seminars, thereby gaining real-world interactive Web testing experience. Any resemblance to any other online brokerage Web site is purely coincidental.

First-time visitors to this Web site will need to first create a BDonline account, this account is not real - any transactions requested or executed via this account will not occur in the real world, only in the fictitious world of this Web site. Once you have created an account, you may bypass this step and login with your existing user name and password. While creating a new account you will be asked to supply an authorization code. To obtain an authorization code, please turn to chapter 7 in any of the following books/booklets, your authorization code is the page number that chapter 7 starts on:

  • The Web Testing Handbook
  • The Web/eBusiness Testing student booklet (2001 and 2002 editions)
  • The Web System Testing student booklet (2001 edition)
  • The Web Performance and Security Testing student booklet (2002 edition)

This Web site also contains a number of downloadable documents from the B&D case study, which can be used to assist you in developing test plans for your own Web projects.

The B&D Web site, The Web Testing Handbook, and the Web testing training seminars are products of TechWell Corp (formerly Software Quality Engineering-SQE), a worldwide leader in software testing training and education. For details on all of TechWell's products and services, visit us online at

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